‘The Wait’ A Poem by Cristina Iacobelli

the wait Cristina Iacobelli
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I am waiting to live

A life yet to come,

Longing to see

That which lies beyond the stars.

If losing is a game

To be played in solitude,

I want to win my battles

With humble attitude.

I am surviving

With the burning desire to exist,

Conscious that the static

Requires mutations,

Confiding in the advent

Of enchanting wonders to discover,

Generated by a tenacious determination.

In the unsustainable, insidious,

Resounding reverberations

Which torment my sleep

And my awakening,

The blurred image

Of a clearer tomorrow

Wistfully accompanies

My restless, pensive,

Dreamy days.

I wait,


I strive,


I endure,


Exhausted by the implacable sufferance

Which limbs and spirit tears apart.

Every time I repeat to myself

That the stormy, whirling,

Overwhelming nightmare will pass.

But, it never passes.

That everything will change.

But, it never changes.

I keep waiting,

Hesitant, but confident at the same time

That the end of the tunnel

Timid, dim beams unveils,

Brightening more and more.

And then, as if by magic,

The haunting, perfidious,

Macabre, vile obscurity

At their highest, mighty presence will fall.

After the interminable, cold nights

A new sun will arise

Which my poor, gelid bones

Delicately will warm.

The dusty ashes

Dazzling crystals will become.

The thunder, with its impetuous voice,

Will cease to rumble

And, as a knight in front of his damsel,

Its head will bow

To the much yearned calm.

The pounding rain

My desperate tears will wash away.

In a breath,

The excruciating agony will vanish.


The unbearable dreads will melt away.

And yet, the deep, unmerciful scars

Indelible will linger.

Water and fire

In a brotherly embrace will unite.

The sky will overflow

With iridescent rainbows

And celestial, sparkling

Nocturnal brilliances.

The immense, inner light

Its intense glow will emanate.

Of candid essence I will shine.



As never I have felt.



As never I have been.

Myself, at last.

Me, so unique, so complex,


As never before.

The vivid, sublime visions

More than ever true will be.

The limpid, blinding,

Magnificent reality will transpire.

With endless attentions and loving gifts

So Tenderly will fill me.

Touching me softly, healing my wounds,

Cradling me sweetly…

And this






Into pure blissfulness

Will transmute.

About The Writer and Poem

Written by Cristina Iacobelli. Cristina is as a multifaceted artist, a  bilingual poet, storyteller, screenwriter for film and television, filmmaker, author, as well as actress, singer, playwright, songwriter and composer. Her artistic skills extend to photography, drawing, painting, dancing, and much more. She is someone profoundly and passionately in love with words, music, and The Arts in all their forms.

Poetry is innate to her; she began poem writing at a tender age to pour out my emotions; later on, it became so important as to include it in my storytelling and other artistic creations. Her poetry are inspired by her real life experiences and every poem she writes reflects this.

To this end, she likes to summarise the essence of her poetry in her simple aphorism:

Poetry is Life and Life is Poetry

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