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Welcome to the section of Lore’s Blog about inspiration to write. This section is all about writing prompts, writing ideas, and articles tailored to inspire you for your next writing venture. We’d like you to consider this section of the blog a virtual haven for writers who seek to enhance their craft.

We believe that writing is an art that requires more than just pen and paper – it demands a nuanced understanding of storytelling and of your language of choice.

Here, Lore aims to offer a wealth of resources that cater to the diverse needs of writers. No matter your skill level, whether you are a professional writer or a hobbyist, Lore is dedicated to providing you with a host of tips and guidance that are practical and applicable to help you excel in all your writing endeavours.

At Lore, as writers ourselves, we understand the various challenges that we often face and structure our articles to provide assistance for these very problems.

Be it the dreaded writer’s block, finding the unique tone and writing style that’ll define your work or the difficulties balancing your creative vision with a cohesive story – our blog provides unique perspectives on these challenges, as well as insightful strategies to try and help you tackle them.

Through our various different posts, we’ll delve into the art of storytelling.

We aim to cover everything from common literary tropes, the intricacies of character development and the necessities of plot construction, to other vital aspects of story development to ensure we supply a well rounded variety of views.

From time to time we’ll also share insights into our own writing struggles or pet peeves, conduct detailed interviews with industry professionals, and analytical articles of works of literature – all to aid you in your own writing (or reading) journey.

Explore, learn, and grow!

home in floating island in fantasy world

Fantasy Words: An Extensive List of 450+ Words for Fantasy Writers

The genre of fantasy can be a difficult genre to write without the correct terms and terminology to bring your musings to life. Fantasy words are a vital component of any fictional text that deals with fantasy elements, as how you tell your story and the language you use to do so plays a pivotal …

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post apocalyptic writing prompts

Guide: Post Apocalyptic Writing Prompts for World Building

World Building – Post Apocalyptic Writing Prompts When it comes to dystopias, especially post-apocalypses, it can be hard to know where to begin. But, with some post apocalyptic writing prompts, you can begin turning those awesome concepts into story ideas ready for use in your next piece. RELATED: 25 Creative Writing Prompts For Adults So, …

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person writing creative writing prompts on a notepad

10 Creative Writing Prompts You Can Do In 10 Minutes

Lore Publication is an online literary magazine or literary publication that publishes free short stories and free flash fiction. We also occasionally publish resources to help writers develop the craft such as writing tips and writing techniques too – such as our creative writing prompts! In terms of fiction, we publish works of science fiction …

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