12 Creative Writing Prompts to Imagine Story Ideas

Writing Prompt #12: 

For today’s first prompt in our list creative writing prompts, we will be giving you a word prompt to get those writing topics flowing. Think about the word and roll it around inside your head for a minute or two and take note of subjects, areas, experiences or people that come to mind.


Now, with a few notes on what this word brings to mind, pick one of them and let your imagination take you on an adventure. Write whatever comes to mind no matter how strange or dumb it may seem. After you have completed this task, read over what you have read and more subjects, areas, experiences or people should begin popping into your head. It is a good way to get the ball rolling which is why it is the first writing prompt on our list.

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Writing Prompt #11:

For our next writing prompt, I want you to read the sentence below and finish it with the first thing that comes into your mind – even if it is related to the previous writing prompt. This is a good way to foster some story ideas!

I woke up in the early morning and…

Now that you have your starting sentence, read it back to yourself and begin to ask questions like a detective. Why? Did you wake up due to something? Did you wake up on time? Late? The second half of your sentence will be speculative based on your own experiences so begin questioning that with Who? What? Where? Why? and How? With this, you should be on your way to constructing a paragraph about something or someone.

Writing Prompt #10:

For this writing prompt I want you to imagine that you are a caterpillar. Do you know what type of caterpillar you are? If not, do a quick search. If caterpillars are not your thing, then imagine you are a bird. What kind of bird are you? After deciding what you are, try to imagine what the average day in the life for this creature would be. Write it from a first person perspective. What kind of challenges do you think you would face? How do you get food? Do you have off spring? Where do you live?

Writing from the perspective of an animal or creature can get you into a frame of mind that you would not have considered before. This can help you forge a unique perspective of the world and see it from an imaginary angle that you can explore.

Writing Prompt #9:

For the next prompt, imagine you wake up in the trunk of a car. It is dark. You have a phone, but no signal. The car sounds like it is off. What do you do next? Do you know why you are in the trunk? What does it smell like? What does it feel like? Delve into your surroundings. What do you find? Is it a big trunk or a small one? Are you tied up? Keep on asking questions and watch a small story build around those questions.

Writing Prompt #8:

For this writing prompt, I want you to read the word below and begin writing down whatever pops into your head. It can be an item, a word, a series of words, a phrase, a sentence; anything. Keep this stream of consciousness going to build a cohesive story of any length; from micro fiction to maybe even a multiple page short story.


Writing Prompt #7:

For this writing prompt, we will use an image to prompt us for story ideas. Look at the image and study it for as long as you like. Don’t actively think about any particular topic but rather let your mind drift to whatever the image brings to you and use that as one of your main writing topics (as it is common for multiple different topics to pop into your head doing this). If you are unhappy about the topic that pops into your head, force yourself to write anyway. Forcing your writing in this way can force you to write about things or aspects you may not even consider naturally.

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Writing Prompt #6:

For this writing prompt, I want you to think about five different things that this word below symbolises for you in your life. It can be symbolic for anything in your own life or just what symbolism the word generates for you personally. Use these five different things and weave them into a story!

Deep Purple Light.

Writing Prompt #5:

For this next prompt I want you to pull up your phone or music player. Shuffle it to random and skip through all your songs five times. Now listen to that song entirely and begin noting down words you like, or concepts that spring to mind while listening. After finishing the song you should have anywhere between three or four words to a dozen. Write these words out in a list from the most important to you (most relevant to your life) to the least relevant in your life. Now, from the bottom two words, use them to craft your next story. Push yourself into the realm of the unknown and write about something different.

Writing Prompt #4:

For prompt number four, I would like you to go to YouTube and search ‘Malachy Live, Buchanan Street 2019’ – then click the first video. Listen to the street artist’s music and like prompt number five, begin writing down words you like or concepts that come to mind. Repeat the same process of elimination in prompt five to get some words that you may not use as often or think about as often – be sure to use these as the emphasis of your next story.

Writing Prompt #3:

For this writing prompt we are going to a phrase prompt. Read the phrase below, explore it, and write about how it connects to your life. If it doesn’t resonate with you that is okay! Instead think about a fictional character that you love and think about how the phrase connects to their life to write about that instead.

Who are you, after the dust settles, after the dusk fades, after the tides of war settle? 

Writing Prompt #2:

For our second last writing prompt we want to give you another word prompt, but with a twist. Read the word below and list what connotations you associate with this word specifically. Now pick one of those connotations and write about how that effects your life or the life of your loved ones.


Writing Prompt #1:

Finally for our last prompt we want you to read this poem and imagine a character you have written feeling these emotions. How do they react? How do they handle it? How do they feel about these emotions? If you don’t want to use one of your own poems, then be sure to use a favourite character of yours! The poem was written by Stewart Storrar.

It is the tree rustling in the shrill wind,
The amber leaf that falls from the tree,
The loose rock from the rigid cliff face,
The rogue cloud in a clear sky.

It is the smouldering ash,
To the raging flames.

The mighty sword,
To the broken shield.

What I am is your perfect chaos.

The chaos you refuse to face.

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