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Submissions To Lore

Current Submission Status: CLOSED


Lore Publication is about insightful fiction for insightful minds. We want to bring people fiction that’ll make them think, teach them something, or will stand the test of time as media for the mind. We like brain food!

Part of what Lore does is bring people the best works of fiction from writers all around the globe, and part of that vision is accepting submissions! Lore will always be a place that writers can submit their work to in confidence, no matter your geographical region, ethnicity, gender, or sex. Lore welcomes fiction from all corners of the globe and does not discriminate. Already a published writer? Great! Sending us your first written work? Awesome! Stewart, the mind behind Lore, is a firm believer that everyone has a story to tell. Lore wants to give you that platform to write on!

Interested? Then read on for more information.

Copyright and Ownership

Time to get the big, burning questions out of the way. If you submit to Lore, who retains the intellectual property? Who retains what rights to the work?

Lore are advocates of free press and freedom of expression. Built on the foundation of giving writers a place to share their work fairly is what Lore is all about. Lore is built on principles of fairness, integrity, and trust.

Lore is a publication run by a writer, and he understands the need for this honesty and transparency. Should you submit to Lore, you will retain all intellectual property rights to your written works. When your work is accepted by Lore, Lore retain the right to publish that work under the Lore Publication name. We do not demand exclusive publication rights. You are free to submit your work elsewhere. We also accept previously published works and will consider them like any other story.

We are all about providing a platform for writers to find new fans and readers to find fiction they’ll love!

What To SUbmit

When thinking of submitting your short fiction to Lore, there are things we look for and things we avoid. We have a certain style of short fiction that we want to share with the world and we won’t accept anything from any genre.

Currently, Lore is looking for fiction submissions that are:

– Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Mystery
– Micro Fiction: less than 250 words
– Flash Fiction: 251 – 999 words
– Short stories: 1000 to 3000 words
– Original Work

NOTE: We do not accept any pitches for stories you are going to write. We only accept completed works.

For poetry:

– No word count upper limit
– Minimum word count of 20 words
– We do not accept multimedia poems (such as poem images)
– Single poems (or multiple single poems only, no anthologies or chapbooks for the poetry blog)

What we are not looking for:

– Fan fiction of any kind
– Stories that promote hate speech, racism, sectarianism, nationalism or offensive material (if in doubt about including certain themes, refer to this as a guideline). This does not mean such content cannot be included in the story, but rather, the narrative cannot promote such themes as positive.
– Stories that contain excessive sexual themed content (graphic rape descriptions, excessively graphic pornographic descriptions). Sex scenes are fine, if they progress the narrative.
– Excessive descriptions of gore (if you have gore, it must progress the narrative. No gore for the sake of adding gore).

Payment For Work

Currently, as it stands, Lore cannot pay every writer we accept work from. Stewart wants to, he really does, but Lore is still a small publication that is yet to grow! Payment is certainly an option in the future (as Stewart believes in paying writers for their work) but right now, Lore simply does not have the funds! Lore does, however, run occasional writing contests with prizes and cash prizes! Be on the lookout for these, it is Lore’s way of saying thank you!

Submission Formatting

When submitting your work for review, please follow these guidelines to ensure a smooth review of your story!

– Email a copy of the story to yourself first and foremost, even if you choose not to submit to us! (this is to provide proof you came up with the story first and provides electronic proof of concept! Lore is built around integrity, protect your work!)
– Submit your masterpiece in .doc format (with a signature, if you want. The signature is optional)
– Provide your full name, links to your socials (Twitter, Facebook etc.), your country of origin (so we know the best time to contact you) and a brief bio about you! (we want to know who you are!)

Submitting Your Work

How do you submit your masterpiece? How do you get your perfectly crafted moral story in English to us? Simple! We have a variety of methods depending on what you are submitting. For all submissions:

Submit To Lore using our form.

Turnaround Time

How long will it take for you to hear back? Stewart aims to get back to you about your submission as soon as possible. He works through submissions in a first come, first served basis. He also wants to give every work of fiction sent to Lore the time it deserves!