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Welcome to Lore Publication’s poetry blog, where words come together to create captivating musings of emotion, imagery, and the inner-most thoughts of all the people behind these screeds.


Our blog is a warm and welcoming space for all those who appreciate the beauty and power of language, where poetry enthusiasts can come together to explore, share, and discover the many facets of this art form.


We take a great deal of joy in constructing verses that capture the essence of life, death, love, and everything in between. Whether you’re a seasoned poetry lover or a newcomer to this enchanting world, we invite you to embark on a journey of inspiration, reflection, and discovery through the words of our poets and the power of their words.


On this blog you will find individual poetry published as single, readable posts, small micro poetry anthologies and poetic dyads. You will also find articles related to poetry, be it writing poetry or articles discussing poetry in the modern world.


Did we mention it’s all free? So dig in below and start reading! Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your next favourite writer lurking in our musings.


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