‘A Glen Yonder’ A Poem by Stewart Storrar

Hello everyone. Welcome back to Lore Publication. Stewart wrote this poem about moving from the countryside to the city of Glasgow, and then about his fascination with re-kindling his love of nature while living in an urban area. This poem was originally published to celebrate the birthday of Robert Burns in 2021.

As a disclaimer, this poem is written primarily using Modern Scots with English grammar rules. Scots grammar rules do exist, so if interested, we highly recommend learning about it before delving into writing Scots. The Dictionaries of the Scots Language is a great resource for this.

a glen yonder poem stewart storrar

A Glen Yonder

A mind a glen

Cawin tae me,

Yont a bizzie hiewey,

It’s sonsie spirit,

A caum pap,

Tae ma weywart saul.

In ma hert a ken

The glen’s cawin

Ma mynd ken

The toun’s douth, smorin lums

Aye, ma weywart saul,

Fir aw it’s flaws,

Wis wunnerin

Boot the glen yont

And aw it’s beasties,

Tae traivel awa,

Fae yir awfu toun.

And so a gangle,

Doon unner yir hiewey,

And a gangle,

Up o’er yir glen,

Tae hunker doon,

An answer it’s cawin

Fir aw ma days aby

An aw ma days tae come,

Nocht compares,

Tae the glen’s cawin

Wae aw it’s beasties,

An aw it’s blowster.

Aye, nocht compares,

Tae the glen’s caum pap,

Fir ma weywert saul.


A Distant Glen

I remember a glen,

Calling to me,

From beyond a busy highway,

It’s joyful spirit,

A calm touch,

To my wayward soul.

In my heart I remember,

The glen calling,

My mind remembers,

The town’s gloomy, smothering chimneys

Yes, my wayward soul,

For all it’s flaws,

Was wondering,

About the glen beyond,

And all it’s creatures,

To travel away,

From your awful town.

And so I walk,

Down under your highway,

And I walk,

Up over your glen,

To sit down,

And answer it’s calling.

For all my days gone by,

And all my days to come,

Nothing compares,

To the glen’s calling,

With all it’s creatures,

And all it’s wind.

Yes, nothing compares,

To the glen’s calm touch,

For my wayward soul.

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About The Writer

Stewart Storrar is a writer from Glasgow, Scotland. Having always been crafting stories since he was little, Stewart started Lore Publication as a passion project – a place to not only share his own work but the work of talented writers from across the world. He lives and works in Glasgow, sharing his home with his cat Houdini and working in marketing as a full time day job.

When he isn’t working on Lore, or for his salary, Stewart can often be found skateboarding, attending martial arts clubs, or indulging in his favourite books, TV shows, and films.