War Of Man | A Poem by Stewart Storrar

war of man poem stewart storrar

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With the clash of a sabre against steel,

And the might of one will against another,

On countless forgotten battlefields,

The winds of change dictate,

That final breath, on that final day,

The reaper of men basks in glory,

As you play the devil’s hand in a cosmic story,

Of bound fate and decided destiny.


With the flash of a gun muzzle,

And the fight of one life against another,

On nameless roads of townships,

The winds of change dictate,

The final decision, in that fleeting moment,

The reaper of men creeps with shame,

As you abuse the devil’s hand in a cosmic story,

Of false fate and broken destiny.


With the lash of your own mind,And the battle of thought against reason,

On endless epochs of life,

The winds of change dictate,

That final thought, in a transient state,

The reaper of men stalks in grief,

As you fake the devil’s hand in a cosmic story,

Of chosen fate and forged destiny.

I ask, on that fateful day,

When the dust settles,

And the wind halts,

And the reaper waits,

Who have you become?

And who will you continue to be?

More About this poem & it’s Author

This poem ‘War of Man’ was written by Stewart Storrar, a creative based out of Glasgow, Scotland that loves to share his stories, poetry, and thoughts with the world.

Stewart is a Scottish writer that – when he isn’t writing or working on Lore Publication – attends his day job in the marketing sector, can be found skateboarding, at martial arts clubs, or relaxing at home with his cat Houdini. He has always had a passion for storytelling in all forms and is an avid fan of reading, TV shows, and films.