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10 Creative Writing Prompts You Can Do In 10 Minutes

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This is the first of many creative writing prompt posts we plan on putting together to help you past writer’s block, help you hone your craft or even let you have some fun with creativity.

With all that said, let’s get writing.

Writing Prompt #1

For this first prompt, imagine this scene playing out in your head. Naturally you will imagine the situation. Imagine how she (or he, or they) got there, what happened to them, why this happened and how it concludes. Let your creativity take hold of the prompt and develop it.

She could feel it; every drop. Her blood pattered against the wooden decking with every second that passed. Her breath was short and stolen. Each step she took felt like an accomplishment. Slowly, she…

What happens next and why? You decide.

Writing Prompt #2

Here we have another situational prompt. What type of forest is he in? Why is he running? Is he running from something? Towards something? Why does he need to get there in such a hurry? Let these questions fill your mind and fuel your writing, finish the tale!

The branches whipped at his flesh. The undergrowth beneath his feet spayed as he thundered through the forest. His eyes were wide in terror. His heart was palpatating with the tension. The sun was setting and with it any hope of…

Writing Prompt #3

This next prompt is not a situational prompt but rather a concept prompt. Think about the concept and your story, as will its characters, will spring from your inner storyteller!

Imagine a world in which spirits, souls, demons and angels were scienctifically proven to exist. They are integrated into society, but how well and for how long? Is this a recent revelation or an ancient one? How would society cope in either situation?

Writing Prompt #4

Our next creative writing prompt prompt for today is another conceptual prompt. For all the horror and thriller writers out there, this prompt is for a post-apocalyptic world!

Imagine a world in which water, and most liquids, become poisonous upon freezing. For example, rain is fine but snow is not. Perhaps write about the first instance of this occurring or maybe how society would handle such a phenomenon.

Writing Prompt #5

Back onto situational prompts, this one is for the writers out there that love bizarre stories. This sepcific prompt is to challenge the laws of the world in which we write within. Why do these changes happen? What is causing them? Why is our character experiencing this? Is it only our character experiencing this?

Everywhere I looked I could see the world changing. It was as if I had discovered a new realm to reality. The air curdled like a thick liquid; visible and tangible. The clouds bled into the atmosphere like coloured ink in water. Objects seemed familiar, yet out of place. Cups were held by liquids. Plates were held by food. Weird enough, these changes seemed alien but natural… 

What feels right? Write away!

Writing Prompt #6

A more light-hearted prompt for this entry. A simple idea that can spawn various different styles and genres of story. Have fun with this one, or make it serious. Why not a bit of both?

Imagine you wake up and find your pet sitting on a small stool. They are sitting upright, limbs crossed with a notepad and pen in hand.

What happens now? How does our character react? How would you react? 

Writing Prompt #7

This one is an interesting prompt and another conceptual one. Again, this prompt can take the form of multiple story genres and styles. Let those creative juices flow and write what comes to mind.

Imagine you are needed in two places at once but cannot give into postponing either event. Imagine what the events are and then write out a short manual for an identical actor to take your place at one of the events.

Writing Prompt #8

Our next writing prompt will rely upon your own memory and personal life experiences. Try not to give this one too much thought. Simply write and develop the first thoughts you begin to have. Explore where these thoughts develop into!

The taste of plain rice. What does it remind you of?

Writing Prompt #9

Playing the memory games again, this prompt will require you to delve into you own experiences once again! Like prompt #3, write and develop the first thoughts that spring to mind.

The colour purple always reminded me of the time I…

Writing Prompt #10

The last entry on our list of 10 creative writing prompts is a situational prompt. Imagine your favourite character from a film, show or book. Now imagine how they would cope with the following scenario.

The door burst open. People started screaming. Bullets started flying. Alarm bells stung the ears. I found myself right in the middle of a…

Wait, Before you go and use these creative writing prompts!

At Lore we want to help you with your craft, no matter if you are looking for writing tips and tricks for beginners or methods on how to get rid of writer’s block! This post was just the first of many we have planned and we hope you enjoyed this short article. 
Lastly, you can find Lore’s Twitter account here for updates on our new releases. Have a lovely day!

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