25 Creative Writing Prompts For Adults

creative writing prompts for adults - an adult writing prompts

Creative writing promtps for adults – get stuck in!

Below we have a list of 25 creative writing prompts for adults. While not exactly R rated, some of the prompts will approach dark themes and wouldn’t be suitable for kids. Just a friendly warning! Perhaps you will find your next book idea or a few short story prompts lurking in one of these entries. Or maybe you just want to break through your writer’s block for today. In any case, here are 25 prompts for all you adults out there.

Writing Prompt #25:

For today’s first prompt, we will be giving you a situational prompt. Put yourself in the situation. How would you feel? How would you react? Don’t over think it and just go with what naturally comes into your head. 

Imagine you are a cat being brought back to your new home for the first time. What is the experience like? Where do you go first? How do you feel?

Writing Prompt #24:

Here we have a prompt meant to stir your memories. Write the first things that start coming into your head when you think about it. Then maybe question why? Why did you think of this? What is the deer doing? Is anyone nearby? Usually I always find a short sentence or two from that alone! The rest you can develop if you so wish.

Imagine a deer, isolated in the sparse wilderness of the Scottish Highlands. 

Writing Prompt #23:

Let’s delve into some horror prompts for all the horror writers out there. Imagine this scenario and develop what happens next.

I first saw it in the distance; the headlamps. They wound their way up towards my small little cottage in the middle of the countryside. At first it was lovely to look at, it was s soothing reminder of civilization. Then it turned onto my road. Tonight I am not expecting any visitors…

Writing Prompt #22:

Another horror prompt? Coming right up!

I never knew that my cat could fly. It was the strange cat like shadow hovering above my computer screen that caused me to turn round. Apparently my cat never knew she could fly either but there she was, in the dead of the night, hovering in the middle of the room with a terrified expression on her face.

Writing Prompt #21:

We just can’t resist. We promise this is the last one for now!

I followed him into the alleyway. He quickened his pace. So did I. We both knew, however, I like to think the knife resting in my pocket was my little secret…

Writing Prompt #20:

So, for this prompt we want you to imagine the first thing that pops into mind when you read the word. After you have this item (or person) in mind, write a short paragraph that includes the second word. Let’s see what you come up with!

A golden watch. 

Writing Prompt #19:

Similar to prompt #19, we want you to imagine whoever pops into your head when you read the word. Hold this person in mind and put them or it into situation that follows!

Blue hair.
This person learns that they need to stand in for you at a wedding. How do they react and why? 

Writing Prompt #18:

 Let’s delve into some fantasy themed prompts! First, a situational prompt for you!

The sword felt heavy in my hands. The shield lay in a heap of the dead. Blood stained the once lush fields. I didn’t know what was going to happen next. All I knew was…

Writing Prompt #17:

 Now we will move onto a conceptual prompt based in a fantasy theme. Take the concept and develop any kind of story from it. It could be a grand quest of a hero or villain. Or maybe it could be a commoners point of view of this world. You decide!

Imagine a far off distant land where dragons roamed the skies. Now imagine factions of humans, elves and orcs warred alike over the mountain these dragons called home. Why?

Writing Prompt #16:

At prompt number seventeen we will have a memory induced prompt. Read the word below and think about how it makes you feel. Then write a story using a female character about that subject.


Writing Prompt #15:

Similar to the previous prompt, except a bit more vague to allow your creativity to take hold! Read the word below and write a story with that object as the main centre of attention in some way, shape or form.

Grandfather clock.

Writing Prompt #14:

 Another object based prompt! Read the word below like before and write a story about the object. This one is ideal as a short story prompt.

A pebble.

Writing Prompt #13:

This prompt will be a bit different from the others on this list and our previous list; 10 writing prompts that you can do in 10 minutes. 
For this prompt we want you to read the word and its definition. Write a story about that concept and your understanding of the word. 

Solander; a box made in the style of a book to store items in.

Writing Prompt #12:

This is another situation prompt. Imagine you find yourself in the situation as described below. How do you react? What are your first thoughts? Why?

You wake up and you are no longer in your bed. You are tied. You hand a blindfold on. You can hear a train coming.

Writing Prompt #11:

This one is simple! For this entry we will have an image prompt. Write a story inspired by this image.

pier, dock, sunrise- for creative writing prompt

Writing Prompt #10:

Another situational prompt. This time take a character you have written in the past or imagine yourself in the following situation. Finish what happens!

A bag soared out the window landing on the front lawn. Money spilled from it, notes being whisked away by the wind. A second or two later, a chrome Beretta pistol could also be seen soaring from the window. It made a very soft thump as it hit the soil.

Writing Prompt #9:

For this prompt we want to inspire all the horror fans and horror writers out there. Let’s get creative!

I could feel it. Or maybe I couldn’t? It was terrible; the feeling that is. Or was it? In any case, it felt like there were bugs scratching away under the surface of my skin; tickling every inch of my body…

Writing Prompt #8:

 This is another word prompt! Simply begin writing the scene or scenario your see you in your head when you read the word below.


Writing Prompt #7:

Back with another horror prompt. Just like a creepy stalker, our horror prompts are back for more! Sticking with that theme, finish writing a story or even just a paragraph starting with the following.

I sat were I was most comfortable. I had my tea, my sandwiches and my watch. The watch’s hand slowly ticked towards six o’clock. He would be home soon…

Writing Prompt #6:

Let’s do something different! Let’s bring in a hardcore science fiction prompt for all the scifi fans out there!

You wake up in the command seat. You originally thought you had gone to sleep on your bed. All your brdige staff are staring at you. An enemy ship looms in the expanse of space beyond. It begins charging weapons…

 Writing Prompt #5:

This one could be called a science fantasy prompt, or even a horror prompt, how you finish it will depend what you want to classify it as!

Imagine you wake up with the ability to kill upon command. The only condition being that if you kill someone that is not considered bad, it reduces your lifespan. 

Writing Prompt #4:

So this list is the first in which we have incorporated some image based prompts. In the spirit of trying new things, we now have a GIF based prompt to get those creative juices flowing! Write a story about the GIF below. What is she doing? Where has she been? Where is she going? After coming up with your own answers, you can find the full experimental short film this GIF is from by clicking here!

woman walking away down an alleyway with a knife in her hand

Writing Prompt #3:

Clocking in on our third last prompt for today’s post we have another situational prompt. Have a crack at getting creative with this one!

I could see it lurking in the shadows. I didn’t move; not an inch. I dared not even breathe in its direction. The swamps were always a wonderfully gross place, but up until now scary had never even crossed his mind for adjectives to describe this place. All I knew was…

Writing Prompt #2:

For our second last prompt today, we want to delve deep into your own experiences. Experiences are a fantastic spring of ideas you can draw upon in your writing. In a way, how a writer experiences life is how they will write. Experiences define us and our writing is how we explain a story from our own perspective. Perspective and experience go hand in hand! With all that in mind, read the prompt below and tell a story with it from your own experiences and perspective!

Imagine that your favourite TV character found out their best friend was cheating on their partner with another very good friend of theirs. Now write how you think that character would react and what that character would do using your own sense of moral compass, your own experiences and your own perspective on the subject.

Writing Prompt #1:

Last but by no means the least we have a simple word prompt to round off our list. Just like the previous word prompts, we want you to write a story based upon that object. However, if you love creating scenes for your readers, use the second word to set the atmosphere for your story!

A worn bible.
Deep Purple.

Wait, Before You Go!

That was our second list of creative writing prompts we have published here on Lore, but our first list of creative writing prompts for adults. While these prompts may take longer to develop, our first list is a list of 10 creative writing prompts you can do in 10 minutes so be sure to check that out – our blog is also a popular spot for writers to stop by.

At Lore we want to help you with your craft, no matter if you are looking for writing tips and tricks for beginners or methods on how to get rid of writer’s block! This post was just the first of many we have planned and we hope you enjoyed this short article. 

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